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Bachelor Degree from Islamic University of Jakarta, Faculty of Law (SH), Notary Course in 1982, and Law Master Degree from Jayabaya University, Cum Laude (MH).

Sjaiful Rachman began his career with as an assistant Advocate at The Law Office Sagala, Tamrella & Soemarno (1975-1980), Once constituted as an Advocate under the decree of Ministry of Justice No. A.732.Kp.04-13.Th.1981, dated March 21st 1981, Sjaiful Rachman continue his career became an Advocate at Maruli Simorangkir & Associates Law Office (1983-1985), Founder of M. Sjaiful Rachman & Partners Law Office (1986), Associate in Partahi & Juan Felix Law Office (1995-1997), Founder of Partahi & Sjaiful R. Law Office (1997-1999). At the end of 1999 Sjaiful Rachman deactivate his profession as an a Advocate  because he was elected to be a member of The House of Representatives of Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) period from 1999-2004 and a member of DPR-RI period from 2004-2009, and after the end of duty as a member of The House of Representatives (DPR RI), Sjaiful Rachman is now active again as an Advocate (Chairman) at Law Office SJAIFUL RACHMAN - REZA GINANDJAR & PARTNERS (2010-2014), and in the middle 2015 Sjaiful Rachman became to Honorary Partner at Law Firm REZA GINANDJAR & ASSOCIATES until present.

Professional Organizations :

- Member of Indonesia Advocates Association (PERADIN).

- Member of Indonesian Bar Association (IKADIN).

Area of Practice : Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and General Law.

Language : Indonesia and English.